Supported Email Life Coaching

This is for you if you are ready to stop feeling like time is passing you by and you have not live the life you want because you have been comfortable with the pain of being stuck at life.

Are you too comfortable with the pain and you are now ready to move on?

So why now? Because you are done with playing small, sick of pretending to be a loud extrovert, feeling stuck at life and only wishing to be brave at pursuing your passions and purpose. This is for you if you are feeling really underwhelmed with your life, or if you feel like you have lost a sense of identity.

This is also great for you if you are just starting out in your online blogging world and you need some support on the basics. Or there’s something that you are wanting to change about your life and you know that you need some fucking accountability. - Darling babe, I am YOUR Girl!!.

What is “Supported” - Life Coaching via Inbox” ?

  • 6 weeks of working together to rock your goal(s).

  • Weekly emails with support, journaling prompts, rituals, practices.

  • Private FB group or social media of choice between us ONLY.

  • No phone calls. No scheduled 1:1 skype calls.

  • Just you and me quietly committed to manifest and create your dream.

What is required from you …

  • 100% commitment to finishing off your weekly ‘homework’ - Reply emails (or FB) are a must.

  • This is a two way street honey. You won’t feel the benefits if you don’t show up.

Supported - 6 weeks
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