Hi Beauty,

I'm a Life Coach and I support shy women who are too chicken shit to go for something different or new by being brave enough to take that first small (big) steps so they can pursue what they really want in life, love, career or in their creative passions.

So, I help these women release insecurities and negative self-talk so they are able to raise their worthy O'meter to a 10, feel good about deservability, embrace their strength and not hid behind shadows.

With my background as part of a leadership group managing a team of 40 mixed personalities, a coaching qualification, obsessed with mindset and how it all works, I love to work with introverted wallflowers to become aware and break through subconscious limitations: to no longer feel awkward about interactions, live an inspired life, showcase their FUN side, accepting respect from peers and have a profound belief in their own leadership qualities.