Join The Confident Wallflower Girl Gang and I'll give you access to the Self-Coaching Library. A member's site for worksheets, meditation and more...

What do you get in the Self-Coaching Library?

All you need is a password and if you have forgotten, just scroll up to the top and find the 'pinned' post. Below are a few worksheets already ready for you to dive deep into how you want you life to look like:

you have instant access to:

  • Self-Pity to Self Worthy: Working through the social Media Comparison Trap
  • Style Planner: Discover your personal style
  • LOVE Menu: Ideas to help you practice the simple things in life
  • Be aligned: A simple exercise that will support with your life resolutions.
  • Journaling prompts to call in the past and call in new feminine friendships.
  • The Life WHEEL: Get clear on what you want, how to change it and finally see lasting shifts.  
  • Renewal Energy Meditation: Imagine when 10 mins of meditation can give you an energy boost.
  • More to add too...

Besides this epic freebie, inside TCWGG, I'm excited to hold space and build a community of introverts ready to not let their introverted status quo define their self-worth.

We are epic, we claim space and we are braver than we think. Together we remind each other that we are more and we can be more. - xo Lyn