Inspired Breath | 6 Weeks Group Support

find clarity of the life you want and start breathing it.
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Hey babe, do this for me… please sit and hear me out.

Do you feel like time has passed you by? 

> Imagine one year from now, nothing has changed about your life. You have big ideas on how life should be but you are not there yet. Journal how do you feel?

> Imagine five years later, nothing again has really changed. You are not living your desired life. You are still in constant battle with yourself. How do you feel? Where do you feel it in your body?

> Imagine ten years later, some stuff has changed but you are still not living your truth. How do you feel about that? 


> Imagine, in the next month, you have a clearer path to your life desires. How would you feel about that?

> Imagine, in the next 6 months you have learned the tools and rituals to move thru life with ease, how do you think you will feel?

> Without over thinking about too much, in the next year and beyond, how would you feel that you are able to create a life full of happiness, freedom, peace and {add whatever you want here}.

Breath = Life

I was that girl that started yoga, then stopped and start again only to stop my practice altogether. I was like a robot, I eat, sleep and work [before baby life}. And when Nina was born, she was the catalyse that made me realise that I haven’t achieved much in life. It sounds selfish, but I had dreams and aspirations to become “somebody.”

- I had felt that I've destroy any chances of change.

I wanted to become an interior designer, fashion designer than a human resource manager only to find myself not finishing any of my courses and wasted thousands of dollars.

I was stuck, numb by life and before I knew it, my twenties was a dusty memory. 

Life Today

  • I’m taking big leaps of inspired actions to lead a life I truly desire by looking inwards and loving myself whole heartedly.
  • I'm more confident at work and in life. I'm able to speak my truth, be bold and take risk to be more of me.
  • I can say I LOVE and Respect myself. 
  • I've forgive myself and all the dumb shit I used to do. 
  • I know my WORTH.
  • I look past at my limited beliefs and say "F-you negative mindset! Let's play BIG."

What is Inspired Breath?

It's a small group [between 4 - 6] of women, coming together - supporting, providing space and showing up for each other [with me] guiding you to desired life.

Start breathing in the life you love, have fun and find your joy. 
  • It is time to be the master of your life instead of having 'time' past you by. 
  • Have practical actions steps, inspiring tools and rituals to support you to that one thing in life you want badly. 
  • Stop the “I’ll start {it} on Monday” behaviour.  
  • find clarity of the life you want and start breathing it. 
  • Understand yourself so you can catch yourself when you are in the 'down spiral'
  • Working thru your fears and your passion. 

Why Group Support?

It is time to make some new friends aye?

At my own first group coaching experience, I hesitated. I didn’t want to speak up or to been seen by these women [I was another kind of of shy]. Surprisingly, I had fun and it was POWERFUL. There’s something potent about collective intentions and sisterhood circles [virtual or LIVE]. 

There’s also power in accountability from women who genuinely wants to see you do well and be happy. And nothing beats cheering on for someone else.

What’s Included

  • A mixture of 6 x pre-recorded and LIVE video workshop on our facebook group that details the week's topic [so if you can't make it, the contents will be all recorded easily and it makes sneaking into the workshop easy. ;-) ] 

  • Playsheets / journaling exercises to help with your journey and maximise your learnings. These worksheets are both fillable PDF and printable.

  • Ongoing support within our member only Facebook group, allowing you to tap into the collective's knowledge in between sessions. 
  • Future invitation to re-join the program. 

Week 1 Reflection & Intention 


Week 3: Healing + Forgiveness 


Week 5: Mastering Bravery + Mindset Shifts


Week 2: Mapping your life desires 


Week 4: Passion based living


Week 6: Honouring the Self

++ BONUS ++

I'm committed to your success and so I am offering a one time invitation of

- 30 mins 1:1 supportive coaching call with me -

Investment + Commitment

I wanted this program to be accessible to you.

Investment is a once upfront payment of $247AUD [That's $41 AUD per week]

plus your bonus 30mins 1:1 supportive call. 

Inspired Breath Starts 2018 TBA