Embrace Your Worth | 8 weeks Private Mentorship Program


You are ready to get comfortable in your OWN skin.

Hello fellow introverted wallflower.

Guess what? You are here because you are over it!  

>> You are sick of playing small at social events, ending up have a shit night because you didn't have fun and you felt awkward with having to do small talks with strangers [or worst, people who you kindda know.]

>> You are getting frustrated at work because you are NOT being paid your worth despite knowing you are the best person there doing the job. 

>> You keep yourself invisible and therefore, you will never get that promotion, never be in the spotlight and never get recognised. 

>>The worry that you are not being the epic role model for your children because you don't know how it really feels to be confident. How can you teach self-esteem when you never had one?

Growing up I never had great self-esteem. I was never the popular girl in school and even as an adult I struggled with comparing myself with others. For so long I let my definition of my wallflower nature determine what I can and can't do.

It took me a while to realise that I had a 'belief' that was not serving me, that kept me small and so I never reached my full potential. 

Better late than never, I'm determined to value my message, voice my opinion and claim my space. So you see friend, you are (lack of a better word) totally worthy of expression without the 'self-judgment' thing. You don't need to be this fun loving extrovert (because that might not be who you are) to be bigger than life.

Claim yourself and don't let the labels of society define who you really are. 

I am a wallflower, an introvert and a loner.

But my flaws are my superpowers. 

You are perfect for this mentorship if you...

  1. Are you ready to embrace radical change. 
  2. Embrace your innate self-worth. 
  3. Embrace your truest potential
  4. Are ready to learn how to stop self sabotaging mindset.

This experience is best suited for the woman who is ready to upgrade her worthy o'meter and claim her worth. This means, you are going to be open, willing to learn, eager for change and is going to 'show up' for herself.

By the end you will...

  • Live a life bursting with confidence and claiming your space in the room.
  • You won't be a bubbly extrovert because this just not who you are, but you will learn to embrace your power as an introvert. 
  • Embrace your truest nature as a wallflower but have the esteem and mindset shift so you will be comfortable in your own skin.
  • Finally be the epic role model for your daughter as a confident mother... woman. To teach, you must BE.
  • Surrender to the possibility of courage when speaking your truth with your love ones or at the workplace. 
  • Heal any childhood hurts or dis-beliefs and finally become the best woman you can be.

This and so much more other possibilities as this is a bespoke mentorship program.

How it works...

  • Over 8 weeks you will receive
  • 1 x 90mins call (usually via Skype) for the first introduction.
  • 7 x 60mins call (usually via Skype)
  • Access to a private Facebook Group between us so communication is easily accessible.
  • Tools and resources that will further your implementation to Embrace your Worthiness. 

You are saying YES!

But wait! I respect that you have questions about this experience. Therefore, I am inviting you to my complementary supportive 30 mins call with me.

This is where we will get to know each other a little better + see if I am the right coach to support you. Discover what you really want to achieve and how I can help you with all of your frustrations and limited beliefs of yourself as a mother (+ woman).