The workplace can be a dramatic place to spend most of your days in … For some, you may know that I have a day job along side my beautiful project. Here are some of my tips for what to do when your workplace is toxic.

Watch me instead...


In a snapshot, here are my tips;

  1. Stop judgment. 

  2. Avoid gossips. 

  3. Don’t need to like them you just need to respect or be more “understanding”

  4. Choose to be the better person.

It is hard not to be affect by the situation(s) you might be facing at work. By choosing how you want to react, empowers you to not give any energy away to something that does not deserve it.

xo Lyn

Does your day job really sucks? Email me and tell me what is just not working or loving right now. Sometimes, sharing it and writing/typing it out really can open up some clarity.