self doubt

Don’t let the label of a Wallflower define you.

Don’t let the label of a Wallflower define you.

I am a shy introverted wallflower. 

The truth about this statement is that I am the one who gave myself those labels.Yeah sure, there was a lot of childhood experiences in my past that shaped my life [some good, some bad] but as I got older, do I hear anyone giving me those feedback about myself?

I am my worst enemy hands down!


I was preparing dinner on my own and for whatever reason, a wave of self-doubt rushed over me. I suddenly felt small and insignificant. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur of some kind,  to help women around the world and to be an epic role model to my daughter. But this time, my inner critic was so loud …

“I will never be successful, it’s all too hard.”

“I will be on my dying bed with the realization that I never achieved anything”