How to be less socially awkward at a social event.

How to be less socially awkward at a social event.

I'm married to a man who has like has millions of friends. At first, I thought "wow, I'm going to have heaps of friends too!" I was excited at the idea that I'm going to more party, dinners and attending to MORE social events. But I forgot... I'm socially awkward. I am a classic case of a wallflower. 

A few reasons why it was important for me not to be this weirdo that my husband married:

Firstly, I wanted Greg to feel proud of me, and not have his friends judge me behind his back. Secondly, I want to show him I'm making every effort to be in the clique. Third, I wanted to be accepted. Um... no we're not in high school, at that time most of us were pushing 30 and some with kids.  


Hi, my name is Lyn and I am an introvert mum and NO it does not mean I am not normal.

All my life, I could remember my parents [and the rest of the family] expected me to be this ‘bubbly‘ kid. “You need to talk more … you need to be more outgoing …” they would say. Of course, they had all great intentions.

So all thru school and even in my twenties, I always had to put on a ‘front’. I didn’t want to be an introvert person. I wanted to be that loud, ‘look at me‘ girl that everyone loves.