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Honestly, sometimes I feel like there is no such thing as self-care for mums.

In the past I’ve read blogs, articles + interview about certain public figures with their morning routine.

A good morning routine can certainly kick-start your morning in a positive light.

I mean I am not being a bitch about it but I don’t think the average Aussie mums can do theses routines or rituals??? 

20 mins meditation, 1hr yoga and a walk by the beach? Geez, I struggle to even have a healthy breakfast. Thank Jodhi Meares, great insight to your lifestyle but I need to figure it out on my own without my mean mama triggering what I don't have much [which is time + money].

It really does sound like I'm indulging in my scarcity mindset but lets been really realistic alright?

The raw truth is, my 24/7 are unpredictable! Nina is a terrible sleeper! (Oh how I miss sleeping in) My ego says that now that I’m a mum, it’s impossible to practice self-care like some of these ‘celebrities’.

self care list

ps: I have a few ideas here... download your Self-Care list

So how do I practice self-love?

Do SMALL mindfulness activities OFTEN + throughout the day!!

Nothing needs to be hours long. Decide on how much time you have. And if you somehow are awake at 4am in the morning not by choice then, do it later.

Here are some examples;

  • setting an intention
  • saying a mantra
  • shower
  • putting your face on (make-up)
  • 1 min breathing exercises
  • Spend outside looking at the sky + greenery for a few minutes  
  • Do a round of EFT (tapping)
  • Take a break to enjoy your tea or smoothies

What small activities can you do to help strengthen your self-care practice?

xo Lyn