Nazlinah Shah Myers or better known as Lyn Myers.

Where in the world are you?

I was born in Singapore but was raised in Australia. I’m now live in Sydney with my husband + daughter.

Tell me more about you and your family.

I have a daughter, right now she is 2.5 years old. And I am lucky to be married to a supportive man. However, he can only understand what he can understand. [you know what I mean?]

What was your transition into motherhood like?

I actually hated my transition. [yup, I know hate is a strong word] I think I had so many expectations of myself as well. – I should suddenly be given the ‘super mama’ gifts.

My first 5 nights in the hospital was horrible!.

I really felt I was in a Scientology clinic or something. The midwives were pushing me to breastfeed, which [forcing] was the worst way to produce milk.

Because Nina was not feeding, the nurses would prick her little foot for blood. I was so angry! I didn’t want to breastfeed anyways. My heart broke every time they did this. So I decided to formula feed instead. Of course, there were judgments from them.

I also LOVE sleep! I could not function with proper sleep. Because I was tired all the time, I really could not control my emotions. I was frustrated with every cries – almost to resentment.

Now, even though Nina is still a terrible sleeper and still cries in the middle of the night. I am able to cultivate a good attitude by practice regular self-care.   

What sort of mother do you want to be?

I want to be remembered by Nina as a mother that taught her amazing things and supported her and love her. I don’t want to be remembered as the mother that nags all the time.

What do you think everyone else think of you as a mother?

I thought people thought I was suffering from some sort of depression and that I am not coping at all. Right now, I don’t care what people think of me.

When does the feeling of “missing out on life” turns up?

I am trying so hard to balance full-time work, caring for Nina, being a wife and building my online coaching business. And sometimes I wished I had more time doing things which I love.

I guess, working full time also fuel my feelings of ‘missing out on life’ because I miss out on a lot of family getaways or just being there for my daughter.


What obstacle have you overcome [or still learning] since being a mother?

I’ve learned to give myself space, for example, if my body is exhausted, I just allow myself to do nothing. Asking for help + support is key. – I get it now, unfortunately for me, my husband can’t read my mind and I have to say to him. “Greg, I need to have a nap right now.’

Knowing what lights me up is gold, I love to meditate and yoga [even if I am not a master of it] when I can. I know myself now as a woman not just as a mother. But I’m still learning. I think we never stop learning.  

How do you feel about your body now?

Oh goodness, what body haha! Going back to the previous question, being at peace with my body is something I’ve yet to overcome. I love my c-section scar but!

What do you think about postnatal depression?

I think we [as mothers united] all can help other mothers who are suffering from this. I think we should stop labeling it as depression. So that’s why I wanted to start this blog series.

Even if I didn’t suffer from this, I think I almost did.

And if I did, I didn’t know.

I’m so blessed right now.

Your advice to first-time mothers.

Listen to your instincts. Forget the books, parenting experts or your own mother. Be guided with your own inner wisdom. If you think you don’t have maternal instincts then I’m here to let you know you have a divine feminine power within you. We were all born with this.

I would love it if you too would like to share your story with others.

My mission is to create a safe + non-judgemental space for mothers.

Your story can inspire and help others. Please email me to get involve.#safeandnonjudgemental