How to find a Photographer that is Aligned to your Values without overspending.


Beautiful lifestyle photos can really uplevel your online presence and show professionalism. However, you don't need to invest in an expensive photographer. You just need to find a photographer who is aligned to your values. 

When i first started my website, I wanted to invest in a very popular photographer here in Sydney. Most wellness coach I follow uses her for their online presence. And so FOMO really came into play here.

With so many "backfires" I've experience in get my online presence up and running, I had ENOUGH! I streamline my branding and opt in for EASE and less complication. I no longer had any intentions to hire this very expensive photographer and was open to the possibilities of finding someone.

I manifested who this person would be. And so I found my photographer [with a little help from Google]  

How to find a photographer that is aligned to your values without overspending or any regrets later.


  • Understand your own business/blogging values by coming up with 3 - 8 words that describe your blog/website. Perhaps writing out your business / blogging philosophy, mission statement and/or value statement. 


  • The key word here is LOCAL. Ask around and find local photographers by reach out to your family and friends or Google for your local photographers. You could even reach out to a photography students. Use social media or speak to your colleagues, you never know if she/he has a secret passion. Why local? Local photographer will consider traveling time (which might mean less cost) and they know cool places to photograph nearby. It a WIN-WIN yo!


  • Email them requesting what you need. And to be honest, all you need are between 4 - 8 lifestyle photography. It doesn't hurt to ask. You don't need to go ahead with their packages - those are usually suited for weddings etc. Tell them who you are (where you live), what you do and what you are looking for.

You could say, "Hi Emma, my name is Lyn and I am a life coach based in Cronulla. I love your profile shot and would love to create something similar. I honestly only need up to 8 photographs for my website. I hope to work with you ...."


  • My secret tip: Based on the draft email above - read their about page and look at their profile pictures. Do you see if you can resonate with how they are presenting themselves? Meet my photographer Emma from Emma Wand Photography. A few things that really aligned with me were that she loved the beach, she teaches YOGA and is based in Cronulla. #winning

Emma Wand Photography

I felt in love with these photos instantly. But I resonated more with her story and her as a person.

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