I was preparing dinner on my own and for whatever reason, a wave of self-doubt rushed over me. I suddenly felt small and insignificant. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur of some kind,  to help women around the world and to be an epic role model to my daughter. But this time, my inner critic was so loud …

“I will never be successful, it’s all too hard.”

“I will be on my dying bed with the realization that I never achieved anything”

If you had met me a few years ago, I would have dwelled in my ‘victim‘ mentality for WEEKS sometimes months and months ahead.

I have found a really powerful method that helped me … I’ll be honest, sometimes, I just want to feel shit a little bit longer. [I’m a woman, whatever]. But I rather be in control of my emotions and not be in ‘this mood‘ for a long period of time.

Step 1: Set the mood.

Do what you need to do to get into the mood when you are feeling like the waves of self-doubt is rushing over you like a ton of bricks. Perhaps, music, bath or essential oils. Be creative, ask yourself, what kind of ritual or actions you need right now.

Step 2: Draw a line in the middle of the page of your journal.

On one side, called it “My Shadows” and the next column named it “TRUTH”

Step 3: List all your SHADOWS – Write down what you are feeling right now – all your self-doubt, your sadness and any negative self-talk.

Step 4: Step away for a moment. – After listing all your shadows, walk away from the exercise. Maybe for the day if you need to. This part is mentally exhausting so give yourself a break.

Step 5: Come back and read what you’ve written out loud. – Ask: Is this statement your universal truth? What is your real truth? Imagine, your inner wisdom talking to you.

Step 6: Write down the truth. – does what you wrote down made any sense?

The thing is, what we feel in our heads like: I’m too fat, too ugly and life is too hard, is just your inner critic speaking NOT your inner wisdom. You are a genius and you know how to give great advice.

It’s time to give great advice to yourself.

xo Lyn