Hey friend,

You might think I’m this superwoman who’s totally excellent at juggling all the balls of cooking, cleaning and raising a baby.

But let me tell you this, I’m not a cook nor am I the best at cleaning. I never know what to cook for the family [looking at cooking books means nothing to me + going grocery shopping doesn’t inspire me].

So not only am I a horrible mum but I’m a terrible housewife too

I have clothes on the dining table, on the bedroom floor and I don’t know how this happened, but I have so much crap everywhere! I was constantly washing up bottles, changing dirty nappies and my baby would hardly sleep for me.

If you are just as awkward as I am and feel that perhaps motherhood [or this housekeeper um .. I mean housewife thing] is not for you. Then how do you adapt into motherhood in your first month?

You’re feeling numb and you’re not enjoying being a mum. Fck! How guilt do you feel right now?

Then let me tell you this, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

There’s no advice out there that can make your transition thru motherhood easier.

However, you are here right now realizing very early on that you don’t want to suffer in silence.

  • You don’t want to not love this transition
  • You don’t want to feel like you’ve f-cked your life over because you’re a mother now.
  • You don’t want to feel constant resentment towards the people you love most.
Yes motherhood bring out the best n worst in you. It’s totally fcked up. But it’s also the best.

Realize you are enough is your first step in adapting into motherhood in your first month. Giving yourself some ridiculous expectation is unhealthy and does not serve you. Finding ways whereby you can support yourself by *journaling: 

  • What you want to BE.
  • What you need to DO to be.
  • and what do you need to HAVE. 

*hile doing this journaling exercise, restrain from external gratification.

Stop comparing your life with your childless friends [or anyone]. Restrain yourself from too much social media and if the mother's group you are attending is not your jam then move on. Find your kind people.

I had this gf who is super successful, she was at that time single and still is childess. The more I compared my life to her's the more I dwelled at my lack of a perfect life. So one day, I decided that she was no longer a trigger for me.

And always seek assistance where you can or afford. Get your husband to do a more, if he can't, where you can afford this, get a cleaner. Or call a friend/family member over to babysit for an hour or two while to rest.

Like I said, it’s not easy.

Chat with me and let me show you how you can:



♥ Not feel guilty that you are doing a terrible job [because trust me mama, you are doing the hardest job of all and I’m giving you permission to feel that you ARE doing an awesome job!]

You are so bloody ready to create some shifts in your life?

Let chat. email me today

Let do this! Hear from you soon!

xo Lyn