Becoming a mother has been such a catalyst. I want my daughter to grow up with tremendous self-worth innate in her. To have the self-belief that she can do anything she sets her heart and mind to. To have courage to ‘move with life‘.

But how do I teach self-worth to my daughter?  

Which reminded me of my own childhood and in turned, my own low self-esteem. I never was that cool chick that everybody wanted to be friends with, [hell, I’m still not that gal. lol]

I believed and the ‘stories’ I told myself for many years;

> I wasn’t smart enough,

> Pretty enough,

> Cool enough [the list goes on here …]

So imagine this, I’ve been feeling uncertain about myself for more than 28 years! So how do I teach self-worth?

Maybe when she goes to school … let’s not kid ourselves.

Teaching self-worth is unteachable.

The only way to teach self-worth, confidence and a positive mindset whether you have a daughter, a son or more than one child is this:


To teach love, you must become love.

To teach confidence, you embody confidence.

To teach self-worth, you take those required steps you need to dial up your worth o’meter.

The real question to this blog is; how do I up level my own self-worth so I can be a role model to my children?

  1. Awareness: take note of your inner voice in your head. Notice how you speak to yourself and to others around you. Did you catch yourself saying “Gosh! I’m so FAT!” in the mirror? Did you start gossiping with your friends? Did you argue with your partner today? Did you eat junk foods instead of nourishing your body? Did you sit and scroll on your phone instead of playing and enjoying life?
  2. Be Open To Change: commit to yourself, show up and be open to change. Change does not come suddenly, you will still have those negative self-belief within you. Like I said, I had over 28 years of low self-esteem innate in me. It was so easy to let my ‘inner mean girl’ slip thru the cracks and inviting my negative mindset to sit with me.
  3. Actions:; once you are aware, start taking action to change. Think of positive habits you can re-learned.

xo Lyn