Embracing my feelings as a failure and how I support myself.


Recently, I've just expressed how much I feel like a failure on Instagram. Mainly, regarding around how I am as a mother. 

Even more so these days, as I feel like a complete failure as a life coach, thinking I'm helping a client only to FEEL like I stuffed up her even more. 

Hello inner mean cray-cray negative me!

But my beautiful mentor reminded me that it is ok to feel the emotions of failure, in fact, welcome it with open arms, sit with it and feel the pain. 


Yes really.

Then, choose to say "Hello failure, I feel you, I acknowledge you but you do not serve me right now. Because I'm the type of woman who knows I am doing a great job as a mother, in my life coaching modalities and in life." 

The biggest a-ha moment right now is that I realised I'm not playing my "A GAME" because I am not moving with my moon cycle wisely. At this moment, I'm at my 'autumn' stage. I'm ready to bleed and I'm ready to hibernate (so to speak).

Curious much?

Well, I've recently dived into Claire Baker's work around the moon/menstrual cycle and how to listen to my body. Plus how to plan my life [including work] around my biological clock. Sound super crazy and impractical. 

Self-Support 1: Know your moon cycle.

Listen to us ladies... It is impractical to listen to our biological clock and menstrual cycle???? Can I say WTF? 

When did we start becoming so negative around our periods? Um, hello... this is how we create LIFE for goodness sake.

I really do recommend Claire Baker's book [or my choice: audiobook] ADORE YOUR CYCLE.

So when I posted my "sorry ass self" on Instagram, naturally, there were a few women reaching out to ask if I was Ok. Which is super sweet. But my intention was to share ME without the pretty filters. 

Below is the post I shared on Instagram.

Self-Support 2: Use the actual MOON.

You know the saying, "It must be the full moon." 

One ritual that I use to support myself is by incorporating a NEW Moon ritual - "setting my intention for that cycle." 

And FULL Moon ritual - "release and rest." 

I'm still yet to master this completely, but I'm a bit hooked to this witchy moon stuff thanks to both Jordanna Levin and Dr Ezzie Spencer.

My first event I went to was Jordanna's Lunar Nights. It was, magical hey. It was a new moon and it was all about manifestations, clearing some old yucky energy and doing some collective meditation (different energy shifts when you do this sort of work in a group). 

So I try to replicate this ritual by doing a 5 mins journaling session and meditation. [Nothing fancy] 

There you have it, dropping into your body as a modality of self support and using mother nature are two great ways to start. 

Self-Support 3: Feel into your failure.

Sometimes life is like a roller coaster. 

Do this visualization steps:

  1. Gauge from a scale of 1 - 10 {10 being highly emotional} where do you sit with this feeling?
  2. If you are at a 3, perhaps drop down to a ZERO. Yep! you heard right. Really feel it. Where do you feel it? How does this make you body feel? For example, my stomach turns and cuddles when I'm sad or stress.
  3. Imagine that scale and slowly dial it up. How does it feel when it up to a 5, 6, 8 etc. Don't be discouraged if you can't reach to a 10. 

How do you support yourself?