3 ways how you can Create Soul Connections with other women.

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I wanted to bring this up about myself because I feel like I am a total imposter. I've always had more trouble creating connections with females than I do males.

Now, I feel like an imposter because in this work that I am doing [in this space], I generally and only work with women. And in my day job, my team is mainly made up of women. 

As a grown ass woman, I was paralysed by FEAR. I felt I was not worthy of any female connections. 

I know how deep and magical feminine energies can be.

So I ask myself: WHY the sudden crave (not this is the right word for it) for female connections?

And so I journal where this thought pattern came from - I remember when it was the start of high school when a group of older girls was spreading hurtful rumours of my virginity. As you can imagine, when your integrity is challenged at a young age of 13, my worthy O'meter got shot down. I cut my hair short and I became more of a tomboy, however, I was still a girly-girly. I mean, I still had boyfriends.

One thing I do remember was I stopped socialising with girls all together. I did have a few girlfriends whom I spend some time with at school. But I mainly hung out with the boys - which at one stage contributed to more rumours but after a while, hanging around with the guys, I HAD NO MORE DRAMAS!

For a long time my connections to having 'girlfriends' = DRAMAS. 

So back to my question: Why do I want to create soul connections with other women?

When I was diving in deep with online e-courses and programs to up-level my self-worth. It was women such as Jenna Ward, Debbie Spellman and Julie Parker [to name a few] that helped me connect myself in a more profound way of "being."

The magic of soul sisters which these women created, were magical. To have a circle of light minded and wide awaken women around you [thru either online or live workshops] is powerful. 

Damn, we know how powerful women are in general right?

And of course, for my daughter. 

I freaked out when I found out that I was having a girl. I thought I could never bond with Nina. How could I when I rejected all female relationships [especially my own mother - geez, that's another blog post]

These are 3 ways how you can create soul connections with other women.

1. Love and accept yourself.  

All or most change needs to start within. 

I was always afraid to be myself. I have quirks that may not be everyone's cup of tea but there's someone out there who is willing to be my friend as I am. And if not, there are no hard feelings, it just means that she is not your gal.


2. Stop your own judgment of women. 

Funny story this. I never thought I was a judgemental person. 

When I was asked to join a 'hens night' away to the beautiful Byron Bay, there was like 12 of us girls in a house for 3 nights {what nightmares are made of I thought to myself.} 

One of the woman there was this beautiful extrovert blonde - 

Do you see that thought pattern? 

> I've already made my mind about her. But guess what, I made the most connection with her. 


3. Forgive the past and call in the relationships. 

Like myself in the past, I had this wall that I had built so no girl or groups of girls could ever hurt me. 

Let's face it, we are now connected to what we want when it comes to friendships. Yes, the past was hurtful, but I was hurtful to others too. This requires some deep inquiry journaling work to expand our heart and up-level our personal growth. 

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Ok, my wallflower friend, I guess the real guts of this blog post is to give you the encouragement to make connections with your kinda people, you know.

This is not about being popular, [we are no longer in school anymore] so be open to the possibilities of support that you never thought you can make with people. And not just any people, with soulful women who are just like you.