meant to be a mother

Motherhood at times feels like it does NOT agree with me.

Every night in my few months of my transition, I wondered if I was meant to be a mother?


Well because;

I need 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep {FULL STOP} I love to sleep. My body and mind need this so much. I'll end up being grumpier, I'll get sick easily and I'll be in total shutdown mode [zombie like] if my body does not get the rest it deserves.

Tantrums and something about children crying shits me. I'm the oldest cousin in my family and during family gatherings, the 10 year old me would be surrounded by loud toddlers which was not my idea of fun.

I can’t seem to take the time to go to that hot yoga class which I’ve paid for. Before all this talk about self-care and self-love, at a very young age, I was already practicing this. I would read, listen to music, nap, run my own bath etc. 

I'll admit, I'm one of those people who suffers from envy and every time when I see successful women, I would shamefully think, "only if I was not a mother maybe I would have more time to ..."

So what’s going on?

It all in my head, the feeling of missing out on life can be switched off by saying, ‘I’m living a wild and happy life with my baby [+ my husband too]‘. 

The truth about my motherhood journey is deeper.

Realize it’s a great adventure and imagine the beautiful memories you’ll miss out on if you keep listening to your inner mean mama’s voice.

Upgrading mindset rituals involves you to experiment in the following suggestions:

Journaling: Writing what is going in my head was key to express freely without judgments. Questions to ponder: 

  • What ‘stuff’ shits me about motherhood or even about being a wife?
  • Why do I feel unsatisfied or constantly feel like "Miss out on LIFE?
  • With what I discover about myself, how can I support myself? 
  • What creative element can I experiment with?
  • Who do I need to BE to feel happier, calmer and loveable?

Be Creative: Start painting, sewing, photography or even start a blog. There are thousand of eCourses out there. When I was on maternity leave, I had an identity loss which reminded me what I was passionate about, which was fashion. So I started a blog and soon I launched my personal styling consultation. 

If you are interested in sewing, blogging or photography, look into A Beautiful Mess. Or love the idea of being a personal stylist, look at Wendy Mak's eCourse. Or you have a passion for being a life coach and would love to invest in yourself, I welcome you to look at BYCA and check out how I can support you in your journey.

Sleep: Ok this is so important for your sanity, health and overall wellbeing. Listen to your body, ask for help and start snoozing baby. Which bring me to meditation. A very popular health blogger had mentioned 20 mins of meditation can equals to 4 hours of sleep! 

But I know, we are busy, busy, busy and we have kids. Ok, I got your back; sign up for your 10 mins energy meditation instead. 10 minutes babe! 

Lead a sensual life: Ignite your 5 senses with essential oils, massages, going to the hairdresser or bath. I love watching Disney movies with Nina and indulge in tea time.

I am recently obsessed with essential oils, I welcome you to join me with this obsession. 

So you see, when you take care of yourself, you can take care of your loved ones without feeling like you are not meant to be a mother.

Ready for this realization too? Hit me up for a complimentary 30mins supportive chat

Be epic,

xo Lyn

ps: don't forget to sign up for your energy meditation below...