I’ve always had a hard time with the process of meditation, may that be finding time or clearing my head during meditation. The reason why I wasn’t successful was because I didn’t understand ‘how-to’ of meditation.

The key to being in touch with your inner wisdom or tapping to your own intuition is to have a regular meditation practice. {I totally believe in it}

The important lesson for me was that thoughts are natural and being frustrated at myself coz I couldn’t quieten my mind was a ridiculous expectation.

These are the 6 best Youtube videos on meditation that can help you explore the wonders of how to meditate.
ps; I would strongly suggest that you dive into some of the other videos that these lovely ladies have made for us. I’ve had so many learnings from watching them. 

1. Erin Kyna Learn to Meditate Webinar

If you have no time to watch any of the recommended videos, then that’s ok. However, this ‘training / workshop’ video is all you need to understand what meditation really means and it’s not just closing your eyes and humming OM.


2. Melissa Ambrosini

There are no surprise that I love all the teachings of Melissa Ambrosini. This is one of the earlier videos she had made. Enjoy her sweet beautiful voice as she guides you thru bliss.


3. Debbie Spellman Guided Breathing Meditation

Debbie is one of my mentor and she is your no bs girl that is full of practical tools to help you create your best life possible.


4. Tara Bliss How to meditate

There is also another beautiful how to meditate video done by Tara, be sure you look out for that video.


5. Cassandra Bodzak A Mini Meditation for Finding PEACE Now

I’ve just discovered this beautiful woman  Here she is teaching us a simple meditation practice to do when you have practically no time to yourself.


6. Gabby Bernstein

I would recommend you to dive deep into anything Gabby if you are in a process of a spiritual journey. She practices a more traditional yoga known as kundalini yoga.


There you have it, the 6 best Youtube videos on meditation that can help you explore the wonders of how to meditate to give you more peace and mental wellbeing.