12 ways to restore energy

Being a mama means you’ve lost any ounce of privacy you have left, especially when there is no lock in the bathroom!

♥ Being a mama means you are on call 24/7 – when milk is demand, it’s needed like – NOW.

Right now Nina sometimes has night terrors so she’ll end up in our bed. And you know what happens when you have a toddler in a queen size bed, she has all the space and I’m sleeping right on the edge of our bed, waking up with a stiff in my neck.

♥ Being a mama means you don’t have a day off and no Sunday sleep ins.

♥ Being a mama means is only great ‘sometimes’.

Yes,  I am tired not just physically but also mentally – every moment of the day.

And I believe every mother can certainly relate. Which brings me to find out more about energy.


I was desperate to find out how I can restore and protect my energy levels.

When I speak of energy, it’s more than ‘feeling tired’ because of lack of sleep.

There are 4 elements that make up our total ‘being’ of energy. 

  1. physical – body, physical health.
  2. mental – beliefs, thoughts, mind.
  3. emotional – feelings, sensations.
  4. spiritually – soul, intuition.

I’m not sure where I’ve heard this, but it is said that your baby used your energy until they are around 7 years old. So If you have more than 1 child under seven and you are an introvert, then you have no hope … kidding!!

Want to know if you are an introvert? Click here for my recent blog post:  Are You An Introvert Mum?

I have worked with energy healers myself and my curiosity has lead me to read and explore more about this work.

These are 12 simple ways for mums to restore her energy levels. 

1. Sleep

O.k maybe this is not so simple.

The first most important factor of restoring energy is, of course, SLEEP. But how? There is no easy answer but in my experience, you just need to ask for help. My husband cannot read my mind (unfortunately) he thinks that because I am home all day that I got it easy and I have had all the rest I needed for the day.

I remembered (before I had Nina), My SILhad kindly ask my other SIL and myself to give her a few hours while she rested. We end up having a bit of a girls night as we ordered take-away.

2. Eat nourishing foods.

The best way to nourish your temple is to keep things simple by eating whole foods. Forget fads and diets. My go to person to learn more about whole foods is Lisa Corduff – she has an amazing eCourse Small Steps To Wholefoods and of course, amazing recipes for even the fussy eaters.

But if you want to really want up-level your health, bone broth is the best way to go. Wellness guru Melissa Ambrosini believes in drinking a cup a day for optimal results.

Sarah Wilson from the author of I Quit Sugar explains why bone broth is the best. Click here

If you feel the call to learn more about health, Melissa Ambrosini has a wonderful eCourse known as The Glow Kitchen.

3. Working with energy healers

Why not gift yourself a kinesiology or a reiki session? I myself, have worked with Jenna Ward an embodiment + energy medicine mentors. My sessions with Jenna has been about shifting all 4 elements of my energy. (Now you know my secret weapon and we are not even half-way down the list yet!)

Here is my practical magic go-to for protecting your energy. A DIY protection spell for the less wo0-woo woman.

4. Move your body

I love the gentleness of yoga. If you are like me who actually hate exercise, then try yoga or something fun like boxing or dancing. Flogging your body at the gym is not my idea of nourishment.

But if you love it and going to the gym is coming from a place of love and not fear of being fat, then go for it.

5. Meditation

This practical act of stillness is my go to for everything.

From de-stressing to helping me have a good night sleep.

This is one of my favorite form of restoring energy.  I so excited to gift you a FREE 10 min energy meditation audio. All you need to do is sign up to my postcard to receive freebies and updates from me.

6. Nature

You don’t need to go for rainforest hike to be with nature.

For me, I feel the grass or sand beneath my feet, I look out or step out on to my backyard and feel the sun rays on my face. Or just stare at whatever greenery you have outside for 5 mins or 60 sec … whatever time you have.

7. Water

There is LIFE in water. – Drinking, bathing, dipping your toes in it …

As you drink water, imagine this pure liquid giving you energy. Feel it quenching your thirst as it travels into your body. It gives you life, it gives you energy.

Where I can, I have a relaxing bath or I need to reset my day, I shower (sometimes I shower 2 – 3 times a day).

You know the feeling when you just had a warm soothing bath? Ahh magic. It’s winter atm here in Australia but when it's summer, hit the beach and get those toes wet.

8. Dress up

Dress like you are ready to take the bull by its horns or the world (maybe just the day will be enough). Imagine feeling tired and putting on trackies or staying in your pj’s. How would you feel?

When I was a personal stylist, the energy when I help clients feel good in what they were wearing shifts. Even putting red lipstick can certainly help.

9. Unplug

Forget the phone and get rid of social media for one day or more if you feel the call to.

Perhaps stop watching TV all together and just unplug baby. If you use your phone as an alarm then I advise you to switch your phone to airplane mode.

10. Smudging

I’ve only recently use sage to cleanse my home. There are no rules to how to smudge your home or yourself. All you need are clear intentions. I usually smudge during the new moon.

Yeah, it’s a bit airy fairy but my heart is open to this woo-woo stuff and it makes me feel good which is the important part of it all.

11. Play with Crystals

There is a whole world out there about how to use crystals. The only crystal collection I have at home right now are rose and clear quartz. Below is a quick video by Gala Darling about her experience with crystals.


12. Clear your Chakras

Confuse about what the f#ck chakras are all about?

So was I. Until I came across Belinda Davidson.  Clearing your chakras to clear energy has been powerful for me.

There are seven chakras in the centers of our bodies in which energy flows through. Blocked energy in our seven chakras has been said that it could lead to illnesses that affect both mental and physical form.

So it’s important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. Ther are endless resources you can fin about healing and clearing the chakra energies. [Again, you can use crystals to cleanse your chakra]


There you have it, 12 simple ways for mums to restore her energy levels.

I would love for you to share any more ideas about energy healing or what 3 things from the list can you do right now to help with your energy levels.

xo Lyn