Be a Life Coach + 2019 EPIC Bonuses


BECOMING A LIFE COACH WITH BEAUTIFUL YOU COACHING ACADEMY. And find out how you can be certificated by work with me...

Julie Parker CEO of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Julie Parker CEO of The Beautiful You Coaching Academy

Do you love the idea of personal growth, cultivating a self-love muscle and building a heart centred online business for yourself?  

Do you want to help others and cheer them on. Are you already the go-to person for advice from your friends and family?

Maybe the idea of being a life coach is lingering at your heart. Then linger no more. Your dream is possible. Let me introduce you to Julie Parker, founder of BYCA.

In my early 20s, I picked up my first self-help book by Louise Hay: You Can Heal Your Life. After that, it was The Secret. At first, I couldn’t stop reading and learning more. Then the idea of being a life coach came to me. But life happened, my life in my 20s was all about toxic relationship, drinking and partying with anyone who wanted to give me the time. Work overtook my life and I forgot all I wanted to BE, DO and CREATE in my life. I didn’t remember my purpose + I forgot my WHY.

Almost 10 years later, after the birth of my daughter, I had a sense of identity loss. So, I picked up my journal, wrote down what I wanted more in life. then, I remembered … With some kind of magic, a post from BYCA on social media came up. Without hesitation, I read about it and saw who did the course – heavyweight self-love gurus like Melissa Ambrosini, Rachel Macdonald and Christine Rose Elle. This was for me. I manifested a life that I wanted and so I became a graduate of BYCA.



I have created this Bonus for you when you sign up for your Beautiful You Coaching Academy Course through me.

The one thing I’ve learned most about this course; is my own personal growth and I needed to do most of the “DIYs business” myself. For example my own website, my own branding etc. because unlike some, who may already have the expertise and financial investment, I certainly didn’t. This gift is for you if you’re just like me a few years ago who didn’t even understand how to even start a blog.

Sign up via my link and you will receive:

Gift 1: Alignment - 3 Session Coaching Package with me absolutely FREE!  [value $280]

Let's uplevel your belief system once and for all. Here, I will support you to push your self-beliefs limits and break down negative mindset. 

We can dive into this program during your studies with BYCA.

To know more about my Alignment Program, click here.

GIFT 2: *New! - 3 months 1:1 Certification Coaching Series. [value:$900]

If you are serious to working towards becoming a Certified BY Coach, I am extending my offer of a six-session (3 months) coaching series with me. I am NOW a Certified Coach and this can be used towards your own certification application. Only those who are registered via my link gets this.

*Usually an additional payment (appx $900) is required to be coached by a BY coach. The energy exchange of this course requires you to do two things:

  1. SHOW UP + Do the WORK.

  2. Testimonial of our time together.

We will dive into topics such as:

  • Your Mindset

  • BYCA Coaching Pillars and how to make it your own

  • How to start with WordPress or Squarespace

  • Your own goals and aspirations

  • Beginner’s guide to social media

  • How to create your marketing funnel

  • Other TECH stuff and much more …

Please email me only when you are ready to take the dive and commit. 

Gift 3: Plus, 10 beautiful family Essential Oil favorites as your gift!

Family Essentials Kit is a collection of ten nurturing essential oils, including six single oils and four blends. Includes 5 ml bottles of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Tea Tree, Oregano, Frankincense, Ice Blue®, Easy Air™, DigestZen®, and On Guard™

Retail value of $216.67AUD


If you want to access your gifts from me make sure you sign up through my affiliate link and send me an email me: to let me know you’ve done it. Mine has to be the last link you click on to receive your bonus from me.

Of course, you are unsure if BYCA is for you and you want to find out more, please email me: I cannot wait to hear from you.

You can design your life,


*This is an affiliate link which I receive a commission (with no extra cost to you) when you sign up via my link. And it is because of the amazing Julie Parker, I am doing what I love. If you want to eligible for my gifts {as stated above}, you must sign up via my link. If it isn’t, the Beautiful You team will be unable to identify that you have enrolled through me, and you will miss out on my bonuses.

**Please also note that you will not be able to redeem the bonuses until after the refund period has lapsed for the course. Send me a message once you've signed up and I can make sure that this has gone through properly. Click here lovely and I’ll see you in the Beautiful You Circle of Beautiful