Alignment | 3 Session Package


Shy to BRAVE Mindset and lead an aligned life.

Hey sweet introverted wallflower, 

You want to change your life.

You are feeling mostly negative and you seem to have a block that is not aligned to your life desires. 

Maybe you're wondering why you can't manifest/create or design your life as you imagine it to be.  

Perhaps you are feeling numb for no reason at all but this behaviour is keeping you small at work, at home and at LIFE.

Working with me here will support you to push your self-beliefs limits and break down negative mindset which includes anger, loneliness, resentment, sadness or grief relating to people, places, events or things in your past, present and future - [all related to why you do the things to do and why you act a certain way.]

This is for you if you want to become the epic role model for your family / peers by embodying positivity.

You will walk away with:

  • create a new reality, change your beliefs and program your mind to become happier and have a sense of self belief.

  • become aware and break through your subconscious limitations: you might be a shy person but you can be inspiring, well liked, FUNNY, respected and believe it... a leader!!

  • feel loved + supported; connected with yourself and with others so you can call in feminine soul connection.

  • discover why you are the way you are and tap into your own brilliance and no longer feel awkward about interacting with strangers.

  • free yourself from your negative mindset and get comfortable with being more visible.

However, this is your journey. We can dive deep about what’s tugging inside of your heart.

Here's the deal, I can support you if want to gain overall peace and be emotionally capable with life's ebbs and flow. Or you finally want to have a sense of self belief that you can start that passion project.

You are perfect for this package if...

  • You have a specific {behaviour / beliefs} you want to let go: shyness, being visible, making soulful connections or have that epic self belief.

  • You are so darn ready and sick of being boxed in the introverted statu quo.

  • Great for busy women who can't commit to a long mentoring program yet.

How it works...

  • 90mins for our first session.

  • 2 x 60 mins Skype/Facebook call. {within the 1 months period.}

  • Soul connection via email or a private FB group.

  • Inspired Actions / Worksheets to work on to dive into your learnings with me + other recommended resources to widen your spectrum.

You are Saying YES!

Alignment | 3 Session | One payment of $288AUD