Hey, I’m Lyn and I’m a life coach.

I support shy introverts struggle with self doubt to create an online presence with a strong mindset, less tech confusion n with little money invested.

Since I was 8, I knew that I was not good enough.

I’ve always been categorised as not smart, too quiet, not bubbly, shy, introvert, don’t know how to talk and even anti social.

My self worth was non existent.

I had no self belief or confidence that I could be ‘somebody’.

Fast forward to later in my life…

After coaching school, I felt that I was too dumb to create an online business for myself because I was never the smartest at school. P.S: I would be the worst to partner up for trivia.

Not only I felt I was not smart enough, I couldn’t afford a swoon worthy website. I would diy my site and it would turn out amateur. But nevertheless, I did spend thousands of money on silly plugin, themes etc [go figure…]. I would stay up late and cry because I couldn’t figure the tech out, my site crash and it kinda all looks like shit. In the end, I wasn’t working on my life coaching business… I was working on non client attraction stuff and not creating content that is relevant to my business. Most of all, I struggled with my own mindset and my own fear of visibility. I was waiting for being perfect before showing up. 

What I really do is that, I support these women like you, release insecurities and negative self-talk so you are able to raise your worthy O'meter to a 10, feel good about deservability, embrace your strength and not hid behind shadows. Self-leadership is having a developed sense of who you are and what you can do. Having total self-awareness before making an impact on others.

My intuitive life alignment coaching process support wallflowers to claim their innate self-worth by supporting them in their mindset shifts so they can live an epic lifestyle beyond their introvert status quo.

Imagine that you are no longer too chicken shit to go for something different or new and you are now brave enough to take that first small (big) steps to pursue what you really want in life, love, career or in your creative passions.

With my background as part of a leadership group for 10 years managing a team of 40 mixed personalities, a coaching qualification, obsessed with mindset and how it all works, I love to work with introverted wallflowers to become aware and break through subconscious limitations: to no longer feel awkward about interactions, live an inspired life, showcase their FUN side, accepting respect from peers and have a profound belief in their own leadership qualities.

standing smiling 2sta.png

As I mentioned, I have a day job managing approximately 40 mixed personalities (most of them are women of different background, skills and generation). I did struggled as an authority figure to them because I’m a shy introvert. I’m also a life coach and with social media, I needed to put myself out there and position myself as an influencer in my industry.

But throughout the years of being a “self-leader” and motivated to up skill my own self-worth, I have learned to hold space. I have learned that not everybody is going to resonate with me, or think that I’m not a good enough leader/manager and being trolled on Instagram that that my message about self-love is rubbish.

I’m now actually OK with that!

I believe people like us can achieve big things, command space and presence and still be who we are: a quite confident person that does the chicken dance at parties with no apologies.