My Story

It all started when...

I was 13. I was already struggling with the imprints of my own negative self-talk.

I didn’t believe that I could create abundance and wealth because my teachers labeled me stupid.

I remembered (perhaps when I was 8?) being humiliated in front of my classmates as one particular teacher grouped me with other ‘dumb’ kids. This teacher would also slap me across my face in front of everybody when I failed to give the right answers. This too (obviously) was imprinted in me and took form as I became older. [yup, that shit really did happen]

I allowed society to label my introverted wallflower nature as undesirable and so I believed that I could never make friends.

In my 20s, I blamed my parents and my upbringing for all the poor decisions I’ve made which created the life I loathed.

I thought, 'low self-esteem' me could only have pipe-dreams because I [really did] believed I was undeserving, unqualified and ... ugly.

I, of course, believed I am the product of my own environment. They say a fatherless daughter finds herself in relationships to fill the void. Which I did...

I made so many wrong choices whereby I compromised my worth so I could feel loved.

I blamed my parents and the adults in my life for my poverty mindset.

I worked in jobs that were uninspiring because I believed I was not ‘good enough’ for that career I dreamt about in my youth.

Then I found out I was pregnant @ 31.

I discovered it was a girl and I totally freaked out.

  • What if I became my mother?

  • What if she [my daughter] hates me forever?

  • What if I fail and she too becomes another version of me?

Despite reading so many self-help books in the past, my worthy o’meter was still at rock bottom.

How could I raise a child when I had so much hate towards my own childhood?


Yes, I am luckier than most but I didn't how to love myself. How can I teach my own daughter to be confident if I have low self-esteem?

I needed to heal - To become whole and step into the 'intuitive embodied mother' I so desired in my heart. But not just 'mother'... a woman of self-worth.

And it began with changing and releasing the stories I told myself that did not give me pleasure or value.

Fast forward to today….

I am not where I want to be yet.

But …

♥ I trust the process and forgave myself.

♥ I can move forward with my life and release old memories that do not serve me.

♥ I'm mastered my inner critic one slow step at a time, turned down my negative self-talk and most importantly, to see the past with love and understanding in my heart.

I believe to my core, my purpose is to raise a powerful woman of the future (that is my daughter). Full of wisdom and heart. And guess what? - I'm just that mother to raise such a child. Just as you are too.

Your values are innate in your soul. To teach love, you must become LOVE.

Woman, I want to help you ...

♥ See the past with love and understanding so you know deep in your heart that your past life experiences does not define you.

♥ love yourself [full stop]

♥ face the challenges of life with confidence and strength by believing in your capabilities to move alongside life with ease.

♥ maintain happiness even when the tantrums [not necessary from your children] are pretty unbearable. 

♥ voice your values and stop feeling small, raise your self-esteem and be brave to fulfill your passions. [Do you want to go for something different or new but too chicken shit to go for it? Friend, let me help you.]

♥ raise your worthy O'meter to a 10. Feel good about your deservability, embrace your strength and not hid behind shadows.

♥ get your life in alignment with your values and live a life of gratitude and happiness even when life is not where you want it to be.

[p.s: If my story is resonating with you so far, I would love to work with you. Let's jump on my "work with me" page.]

Yes, I've made some big statements here. But let me tell you one more thing ...

I mentioned that I've read books on personal growth and did an eCourse or two but never saw the real shift. It was hard for me to love myself then, because I would let old habits of negative self talks creep into the cracks even after when I've decided to 'change my ways' - 

Because my one mistake was; not doing the hard work myself.

By doing the work, I saw the shift in my mindset. I’m more aware of my emotions and I’m able to cope with the everyday life challenges [I am still human and with that comes perfect imperfections]. 

I believe in simplifying my life, I believe in self-awareness and I believe in inspired actions.

So my friend, decide now [like I did] to commit and show up consistently or else nothing will change if nothing else changes.

You might be thinking that you are too tired and too busy to invest in yourself right now.

With so much love, I hear you, therefore, let's be Pen Pals for now and let me gift you your free Energy Renewal Meditation for energizing your tired mind + body by typing your deeds below.

However, when you are ready to work with me on a deeper level, I can ensure you that I'm committed to see changes. Let me support you to claim your sovereign worth and live your life beyond motherhood or your wallflower status. Right now [Private Mentorship] is the most potent way of working with me.

Be epic,